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im Englischen und Französischen den militärischen Rang eines Obersts. als. Der Oberst ist ein Dienstgrad der Bundeswehr, des Bundesheeres, der Schweizer Armee und weiterer moderner und früherer Streitkräfte. Bei den Wachkörpern Österreichs ist der Oberst eine Verwendungsbezeichnung. Die Briten übernahmen die Bezeichnung colonel aus dem französischen Heerwesen. Die Aussprache schliff sich in England im Laufe der Zeit zum heutigen. lieutenant-colonel [ljøt(ə)nɑ͂kɔlɔnɛl] SUBST m. lieutenant-colonel · Oberstleutnant m. Beispielsätze für colonel. Many translated example sentences containing "colonel" – German-English dictionary and search engine for German translations.


traduction colonel dans le dictionnaire Francais - Allemand de Reverso, voir aussi 'colonel',colon',Cologne',colonie', conjugaison, expressions idiomatiques. im Englischen und Französischen den militärischen Rang eines Obersts. als. Übersetzung im Kontext von „Colonel“ in Deutsch-Französisch von Reverso Context: der Colonel, Colonel O'Neill, Colonel Tigh, Lieutenant Colonel.

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Niedrigerer Dienstgrad [20]. Flottillenadmiral eingeordnet erste Dienstgradbezeichnung jeweils für Heeres- und Luftwaffenuniformträger; zweite Dienstgradbezeichnung für Marineuniformträger. June 22, Dienstgradgruppe : Mannschaften — Unteroffiziere o. Colonel , Sie sind kein Gefangener. The word "colonel" is therefore more info to the word "column" colonel a similar way that "brigadier" is linked to "brigade", although in English this relationship is not immediately obvious. All colonels promoted after that date were required to provide the new uniform. Learn More about colonel. Namespaces Article Talk. Build a city of skyscrapers—one more info at a time.

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A judge there would have wide latitude in sentencing and could send the colonel to prison. Being called to duty, the colonel was forced to leave the young girl behind.

No doubt the colonel had started on his journey to Lancaster. The colonel had looked upon him with sombre eyes the night of the dance.

The colonel had thrust the skeleton of John out of the passage. Just then an aide rode up, and the Colonel gave a sharp command which put an end to this desultory talk.

Army, Air Force, or Marine Corps ranking between lieutenant colonel and brigadier general: corresponding to a captain in the U. Older Use.

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As on the Great Seal, the eagle has a U. However, in simplification of the Great Seal image, the insignia lacks the scroll in the eagle's mouth and the rosette above its head.

On the Great Seal, the olive branch is always clutched in the eagle's right-side talons, while the bundle of arrows is always clutched in the left-side talons.

The head of the eagle faces towards the olive branch, rather than the arrows, advocating peace rather than war. As a result, the head of the eagle always faces towards the viewer's left.

In the United States Army and United States Air Force, the eagle is always worn with "the head of the eagle to the wearer's right," with the olive branch clutched in the eagle's right hand talons see Department of the Army Pamphlet , paragraph a 1.

Since respective service's officer insignia is worn on the left side and the rank insignia is worn on the right hand side of the Marine, Navy, Coast Guard and NOAA garrison caps, the eagle is facing to the eagle's left with the olive branch clutched in the eagle's left hand talons, which is a mirror opposite to the wear of the single eagle for Army and Air Force officers.

The United States rank of colonel is a direct successor to the same rank in the British Army.

The first colonels in the U. Upon the outbreak of the American Revolutionary War , colonial legislatures would grant commissions to men to raise a regiment and serve as its colonel.

Thus, the first U. With the post-war reduction of the U. Army, the rank of colonel disappeared, and was not re-introduced until The first insignia for the rank of colonel consisted of gold epaulettes worn on the blue uniform of the Continental Army.

The first recorded use of the eagle insignia was in as this insignia was made official in uniform regulations by The rank of colonel was relatively rare in the early 19th century, partly because the U.

Army was very small, and the rank was usually obtained only after long years of service. During the War of the Army grew rapidly and many colonels were appointed, but most of these colonels were discharged when their regiments were disbanded at the war's conclusion.

A number of other colonels were appointed by brevet - an honorary promotion usually for distinguished service in combat.

The American Civil War saw a large influx of colonels as the rank was commonly held in both the Confederate army and Union Army by those who commanded a regiment.

Since most regiments were state formations and were quickly raised, the colonels in command of the regiments were known by the title "Colonel of Volunteers," in contrast to Regular Army colonels who held permanent commissions.

During the Civil War, the Confederate Army maintained a unique insignia for colonel, three stars worn on the collar of a uniform.

Robert E. Lee wore this insignia due to his former rank in the United States Army and refused to wear the insignia of a Confederate general , stating that he would only accept permanent promotion when the South had achieved independence.

After the Civil War, the rank of colonel again became rare as the forces of the United States Army became extremely small. However, many colonels were appointed in the volunteers during the Spanish—American War , prominent among them Theodore Roosevelt and David Grant Colson.

This was mostly due to the temporary ranks of the National Army and the Army of the United States , where those who would normally hold the rank of Captain in the peacetime Regular Army were thrust into the rank of colonel during these two wars.

The Military Promotion System was revised and standardized for all the services in as a result of passage of the Defense Officer Personnel Management Act.

Modern U. An Army colonel typically commands brigade-sized units 4, to 6, soldiers , with another colonel or a lieutenant colonel as deputy commander, a major as executive officer , and a command sergeant major as a senior non-commissioned officer NCO advisor.

Some USAF colonels are commanders of groups , which are the four major components of wings.

Colonels are also found as the chief of staff at divisional level- Army or Numbered Air Force -level staff agencies. In the modern armed forces, the colonel's eagle is worn facing forward with head and beak pointing towards the wearer's front.

Of all U. All other commissioned officer rank insignia can be worn on either the right or left side.

Colonels are sometimes referred to but not addressed as full colonels , bird colonels , or full bird colonels because lieutenant colonels are also referred to and addressed in correspondence as "colonel.

Almost all Army colonels have attended a war college or a senior staff college equivalent to study joint warfare and war itself.

The graduating class was including army officers and the rest divided among other military branches, domestic inter-agency representatives and other foreign military leaders.

This program will include participation by officers from various other branches. Marine colonels may graduate from the Marine War College or, like all other branches, may receive credit via non-resident attendance at another installation, via correspondence, or will be graduates of an equivalent senior JPME program sponsored by the National Defense University or one of the other U.

Some people known as "colonels" are actually recipients of honorary colonel ranks from a state governor and are not officers of the U.

In the 19th century, the honorary colonels were military appointments and they still are nominally appointed to a governor's staff, but without military rights or duties.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Military rank of the United States.

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Beispiele of colonel. Visit web page der Imperialen Armee bildete der Colonel den letzten Rang, den ein Offizier erreichen konnte, bevor article source die Generalsränge erreichte. Kapitän zur See [8]. The journalist hated the colonel of the colonel who were sitting. Möchten Sie Wort, eine Phrase oder eine Übersetzung hinzufügen? He interviewed a range of military officers, about evenly divided between colonels and generals. colonel Mein Suchverlauf Meine Favoriten. Die deutsche Entsprechung click at this page ist see more Hauptmann. Dies galt bisdann wurde die Bezeichnung wieder eingeführt, was aber nur bis Bestand hatte, dann wieder Mestre de camp bis und danach Colonel colonel Vielen Dank! Read more auch : Dienstgrade der Streitkräfte der Vereinigten Staaten. Ich habe diese Folter satt, Colonel Mitchell. Colonels der Ersten Ordnung überwachten und kommandierten häufig strategisch wichtige Eirichtungen, wie die Kommandozentrale der Starkiller-Basis. [1] Oxford English Dictionary „colonel“: [1] Macmillan Dictionary: „colonel“ (​britisch), „colonel“ (US-amerikanisch): [1] LEO Englisch-Deutsch. colonel Bedeutung, Definition colonel: 1. an officer of high rank in the army or air force: 2. an officer of high rank in the army or air. traduction colonel dans le dictionnaire Francais - Allemand de Reverso, voir aussi 'colonel',colon',Cologne',colonie', conjugaison, expressions idiomatiques. Übersetzung im Kontext von „Colonel“ in Deutsch-Französisch von Reverso Context: der Colonel, Colonel O'Neill, Colonel Tigh, Lieutenant Colonel. In der Rebellen-Allianz war der Colonel der zweithöchste Armeerang, den ein Offizier erreichen konnte. Colonels dienten entweder im Stab von höheren. Das Dienstgradabzeichen zeigt bei der Schweizer Armee drei breite Https:// Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. Colonel Sheppard, vous avez le feu vert. OK Colonelwir read article startklar. Wullf Yularender Kommandant dessen, war ein Colonel, obwohl seine Befugnisse die eines Colonels wohl bei Weitem überschritten.

Learn More in these related Britannica articles:. A brigade is the smallest unit to integrate different types of combat and support units into a functional organization.

A combat brigade, for example, usually has infantry, armour, artillery,…. Brigadier general , military rank just above that of colonel.

In both the British and U. When the British abolished the brigade, they discontinued the rank of brigadier general but revived it as plain brigadier in In the U.

Regiment , in most armies, a body of troops headed by a colonel and organized for tactical control into companies, battalions, or squadrons.

But by then the pronunciation with r was well established. Examples of colonel in a Sentence He retired as a colonel in the air force.

Recent Examples on the Web Austrian investigators suspected the colonel was recruited by Igor Zaitsev, a high-ranking Russian military intelligence officer for whom Vienna has issued an international arrest warrant.

She cleaned his hospital room. Their unexpected bond saved his life," 11 June Austrian investigators believe the colonel was recruited by Igor Zaitsev, a high-ranking military intelligence officer.

The numbers tell a different story. Send us feedback. See More First Known Use of colonel , in the meaning defined at sense 1a History and Etymology for colonel alteration of coronel , from Middle French, modification of Old Italian colonnello column of soldiers, colonel, diminutive of colonna column, from Latin columna — see column Keep scrolling for more Learn More about colonel Share colonel Post the Definition of colonel to Facebook Share the Definition of colonel on Twitter Time Traveler for colonel.

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My word lists. Your feedback will be reviewed. Colonel is the military rank between lieutenant-colonel and brigadier.

Ranks in the Army. The colonel's prestige and influence within the military ascended accordingly.

Sectional interests were especially powerful, and conquest was driven forward by ambitious colonels, civil servants and professional patriots.

The latter posting as an aide to a colonel was secured by a personal friend. At the time, units were still known by their colonels' names.

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Deutsches Reich Oberst. OK Colonel , wir sind startklar. Videospiele Filme TV Wikis. Jahrhundert die Bezeichnung colonello als Titel eines militärischen Führers. Die englische und französische Dienstgradbezeichnung Colonel geht ebenso wie gleich oder ähnlich lautende Bezeichnungen in den meisten romanischen Sprachen z. Ärmelabzeichen source Fliegerschutzanzug Luftnachrichtentruppe. Beispiele of colonel. FR Click at this page. Colonel Beecham see more ihn colonel für neues Saatgut eintauschen. Der Dienstgrad Oberst wird durch den Bundespräsidenten mit der Anordnung des Bundespräsidenten über die Dienstgradbezeichnungen und die Uniform der Soldaten [8] auf Grundlage des Soldatengesetzes [11] continue reading. Wikis entdecken Community-Wiki Wiki erstellen. Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. CHF Colonel Casey. Sagen Sie uns etwas zu diesem Beispielsatz:.

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